Stunning Dark Floor Kitchen Ideas For Every Style Home

A dark floor kitchen is a gorgeous look and one that is popular with light kitchen cabinets. Beyond just looking great, dark floors are useful because they can hide dirt and scuffs that are common in these busy spaces. 

Stunning Dark Floor Kitchen Ideas For Every Style Home
The Works

According to premier flooring supplier Porcelanosa, dark flooring can provide a warmer and more elegant look in a room.

Dark Floor Kitchen Choices

Dark Floor Kitchen Choices
Cantoni Irvine

There are many flooring materials available for dark floor kitchen designs. Here are some of the best options to consider.

  • Wood Floor Kitchen – Dark wood floors are always a great look. A dark wood floor kitchen using dark gray or brown is a modern look that still has texture and warmth. There are both solid wood and laminate wood options available.
  • Porcelain Tile – Dark porcelain tiles are a durable and versatile option for kitchens. They are durable, easy to clean, and can mimic the look of other more expensive materials like wood, marble, slate, and stone.
  • Slate – Slate is a gorgeous natural stone to create a black or gray kitchen floor with a pleasing variety of other colorings like brown, green, and purple.
  • Granite – Granite is another natural stone flooring with dark color options. This is a durable and beautiful option for dark kitchen floors where you want some variation and texture in coloring within the stone.
  • Marble – If you are looking for a luxe option for your kitchen, dark marble tiles are an ideal choice. There are black, dark brown, and dark gray color variations with a stunning mixture of lighter colored veining to give the flooring a dynamic look.
  • Rubber – A rubber floor is a common floor material for commercial kitchens where cooks need a comfortable and durable floor for constant use. These floors do require some maintenance such as waxing and buffing to stay looking their best.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material that can be both durable and attractive. There are vinyl sheets, tiles, and planks available in dark colors. Modern versions of luxury vinyl flooring are five times thicker than standard vinyl. This flooring can mimic wood, stone, or ceramic tiles for a more expensive look.
  • Linoleum – Linoleum, unlike vinyl, is made from natural materials like solidified oil, cork dust, pine resin, and other mineral fillers. Linoleum is durable, biodegradable, and water-resistant.

Pros and Cons of Dark Kitchen Floors

White kitchen dark floors are a fabulous look, but not ideal for everyone and for each situation.


  • Style – Dark floors in kitchen spaces are not as common as light floors. Therefore, this is a great way to create a unique and dramatic look in your kitchen space.
  • Maintenance – Dark kitchen floors like slate and porcelain tile will hide dirt and food stains well.
  • Warmth – Dark kitchen floors have an intimate and warm style.
  • Contrast – A white kitchen cabinet with dark floors has a look of attractive contrast and balance.


  • Scratches – Scratches on dark wood or tile floors in kitchen spaces will be more visible than with light colored wood or tile floors.
  • Size – This point is debatable, but some people feel that a kitchen with a dark floor seems smaller. This can be mitigated with multiple windows and with lighter cabinets and walls.
  • Maintenance – Certain types of dust and debris will be more visible on dark floors – think dust bunnies or light colored animal fur.

Dark Floor Kitchen Ideas

Dark kitchen floors always make a statement. We have rounded up some of the best dark floor kitchen ideas using various materials.

White Kitchen With Dark Wood Floors

White Kitchen With Dark Wood Floors
studio PPARK

The design company, studio PPARK, nails this stunning kitchen design using white kitchen cabinets with dark floors. They used dark wood kitchen floors that are almost black with a gloss finish. This formal look is accented with the white cabinets to the ceiling with the gorgeous white marble backsplash.

Dark Wood Kitchen Floor With Dark Cabinets

Dark Wood Kitchen Floor With Dark Cabinets
The Works

In contrast, The Works used dark cabinets with this dark hardwood floor kitchen. This room has a cozy and moody feel that is relieved by the large unadorned windows and the white walls.

They added extra texture with the warm wood furniture, marble countertops, open shelving, and the glowing golden and black pendant lighting.

Dark Floor Tile Kitchen

Dark Floor Tile Kitchen
Nicola O’Mara Interior Design

If you are looking for a dark kitchen floor that is different from wood but still has texture and interest, consider slate tiles.

Slate is a gorgeous natural stone material that can have a dark gray to black hue. Its undulating level creates a more traditional look than manufactured tiles for the kitchen.

The divots and imperfections are ideal in this English kitchen cottage from Nicola O’Mara Interior Design.

Modern Dark Floor Kitchen

Modern Dark Floor Kitchen
Cantoni Irvine

Dark porcelain tiles in a kitchen provide a surface that is smooth, durable, and sleek. They create an elegant balance in this light wood and marble kitchen. It grounds the room to create a more sophisticated look than a light kitchen flooring in this design.

Dark Linoleum Kitchen Floor

Dark Linoleum Kitchen Floor
TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

Linoleum is a water-resistant, durable, and inexpensive kitchen floor that has a retro look and feel. It is made from renewable resources like cork dust and pine resins for a more eco-conscious choice than vinyl.

TreHus Architects + Interior Designers + Builders uses black linoleum with a speckled white design which blends the dark black cabinets with the upper white cabinets and tile.

Dark Kitchen Floors With A Pattern

Dark Kitchen Floors With A Pattern
DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry

Dark kitchen floors may be too stark for some kitchen designs. If you still like this look, try creating a statement with a black kitchen floor tile with a pattern.

Black and white checked floors are always striking, but if you want something even more different try a more distinctive pattern. These both look lovely and distract from any dust and dirt that builds up on the busy kitchen floor.

Modern White Kitchen Dark Floors

Modern White Kitchen Dark Floors
Studio 3 Architecture Inc.

Dark kitchen floors are stunning in this modern white kitchen. The designer, Studio 3 Architecture, used black marble without any veining to provide a stark contrast between the white cabinets and the black floors.

Small Kitchen Dark Floors

Small Kitchen Dark Floors
Sustainable Kitchens

In this small kitchen, the designers, Sustainable Kitchens, used a variegated gray cement floor tile. This contrasts with the deep green cabinets and white walls and gives the kitchen a more industrial style. The overhead skylight keeps the small kitchen from feeling closed in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is it a good idea to have a kitchen with a dark floor?

Dark kitchen floors as well as light floors have pros and cons, but you need to know what you are getting to decide if dark floors are a good idea for you. Some floors like textured dark tile floors like slate or matte finished dark wood floors will hide some dust and dirt but show other kinds of debris like light colored animal hair. Certain types of floors like glossy marble or granite will show more dust than textured floors.

Do white or colored cabinets go with dark kitchen floors?

Yes, dark floors go with white and with colored cabinets. Dark floors like a gray kitchen floor work well with white because it creates a dramatic look of contrast without looking too stark. Black kitchen floors have a more modern look but work well with both white and colored cabinets.

Does the kitchen feel smaller if it has dark floors?

Yes and no. Dark kitchen floors can make a kitchen look smaller in particular if your kitchen has no natural light and other dark elements like cabinets. Kitchens with multiple windows and light cabinets look bigger even if they have dark floors. On the other hand, dark kitchen floors make the room feel warmer and more intimate. Smaller isn’t always a bad thing.

Which dark kitchen floor wears the best over time?

Porcelain and natural stone tiles like slate wear very well over time. Linoleum and wood floors are also long-wearing options if you maintain them over time.

What is a good color scheme for dark floor kitchens?

White is always a timeless color for kitchens. Pops of gold look gorgeous with the white and the dark floor background. Colors like deep blue and green are striking with dark kitchen floors. Wood textures also help to lighten the look against dark kitchen floors.


Dark floors are a unique and elegant statement for many kitchen spaces. Dark kitchen floors look amazing with both light and colored cabinets and work for both traditional and modern design. They can look both modern and traditional depending on the type of material you choose. If this is an option you want, you can be sure to find a material that will work for you.

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