Target Now Sells Fresh Flowers, Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, and it’s probably no surprise that flowers are the most commonly purchased gift. Sourcing the perfect bouquet can be expensive—but thanks to Target, this year it doesn’t have to be.

Starting at just $7, Target is now offering a beautiful range of seasonal bouquets and potted plants, perfect for any mother figure you’d like to celebrate this month.

Offering fresh flowers has been a goal for Target for a while. With sustained interest in fresh flowers last Mother’s Day and a successful Valentine’s Day this year, it was the next step for the superstore, according to Rick Gomez, the executive vice president and chief food, essentials, and beauty officer at Target.

“This year, we know value remains important to Target shoppers, and they are looking to celebrate their mom or mother figure in their life in a special way,” he tells The Spruce. “This Mother’s Day, we have more than three times the number of bouquets priced less than $15 than we did last year.”

Still trying to figure out which bouquet will be Mom’s favorite? We’ve highlighted a few bouquets below to make your shopping a little easier.

Spritz Orange/Lavender Cut Dozen Roses


Can you ever go wrong with a gift of a dozen roses? Of course not—especially when they’re just $15.

These timeless blooms not only represent love, but they also come in colors like orange and lavender, symbolizing joy and devotion respectively. The average cost for a dozen roses is well over $80, so you’re getting a bargain on high-quality fresh-cut flowers in these bouquet options this year.


Fresh-cut tulip bouquets are a popular choice amongst Mother’s Day gifters. Not only are they in season, tulips also symbolize love and adoration, so they’re perfect for gifting to the mother figure you adore this month.

Pink tulips, of course, are all about affection—and they come in a gorgeous soft color with stems long enough to fit any vase. Best of all, these bouquets are just $7, which makes it easy to gift a full bouquet on a budget or mix and match multiple tulip colors.


If you want to show your love through a luxurious (and long-lasting) gift for any mom with a green thumb, Target’s potted orchids are the way to go.

“I love the Spritz Live Waterfall Orchid as a gift—it’s perfect for spring and would look great on anyone’s desk, counter, or entryway,” Gomez says.

The Pink and Purple Waterfall Orchid displays stunning variegated petals with splotches of rich purple. It also comes in a thoughtful matching pot with floral designs. With a little care, this gift can last for years to come.

Even though orchids are often synonymous with “expensive,” Target is offering this potted plant for just $15, an affordable pick for Mother’s Day. There’s also the Spritz White Waterfall Orchid for anyone looking for more variety.


Looking to gift Mom something a little more long-lasting (or just ran out of vases)? Target’s potted tulips are the perfect choice.

Available in yellow, pink, purple, white, or orange with matching decorative wrappers for the pots, these arrangements offer six potted bulbs so their recipient can enjoy fresh blooms all month long.

Fortunately, both Target’s fresh-cut tulips and potted tulips are available for just $7.

Opting for Potted Plants

Potted tulips have a potential lifespan of a few weeks, so they’re likely to last even longer than fresh-cut flowers with a little care.

Buying the Flowers for Your Mother Figure

To buy these bouquets (and more), head to Target’s website. Some bouquets are only available for shipping, but the flowers in Target’s Mother’s Day collection will be available for pickup in stores. There are also some only available for in-store shopping, so pick them up on your next Target run.

What’s next for Target’s florals? Time will tell! “You can expect to see more newness from us—especially during other key seasonal moments—throughout the year,” Gomez tells us.

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