Ted Cruz Said Support for Ukraine Has Become a “Virtue Signal”

  • Ted Cruz said Democrats are virtue signaling with their Ukrainian support, and Biden lacks a “national objective.”
  • Cruz added that Republicans in the House will be more skeptical of financial aid to Ukraine.
  • In a surprise visit to Ukraine, Biden committed to an additional $500 million in military aid.

Sen. Ted Cruz said the Biden administration lacks a “strategic national objective” in helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s war efforts, and that Democrats are virtue signaling with their support. 

On his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the junior senator from Texas said the Republican majority in the House will bring about increased skepticism about American financial support for Ukraine. 

“For the Democrats, this has become a virtue signal,” Cruz said. “They wear a Ukrainian flag. Zelenskyy has become, I think People magazine is going to name the sexiest man alive, they’re in love with him… a Ukrainian flag has become like a Covid mask. It’s a sign to show your virtue.” 


Cruz said that there are conservatives who “want Putin to lose” but who are disaffected with being on the same side as liberals. 

“As we see all these leftists preening around with Ukrainian flags, and you know almost dancing with their fealty to” Zelenskyy, Cruz said, “it is driving millions of Americans away and saying, ‘All right, if they’re for it, I ain’t for it.'”

Republicans have upped their criticisms of the Biden administration and US aid to Ukraine, with some calling for an end to all military and financial aid to the country. 

Many denounced President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine last week, suggesting he should have instead visited the US-Mexico border or East Palestine, Ohio, the site of a recent toxic chemical release resulting from a train derailment.

Biden committed an additional $500 million in military aid during his Ukrainian visit. 

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