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IPX4: The Importance of Water Resistant Products

By Claire Barnett

Jump into the water with the coolest IPX4 water resistant products of the season. With the warm months in our midst, we want to stay cool, and sometimes that means hitting the pool or the beach. The packing list includes a towel, some snacks, and, of course, we can’t forget the music. What’s a pool or beach day without our favorite jams? Whether you choose to listen out loud with a portable speaker or tune out the noise and enjoy your music in your own world with headphones or earbuds, music at the beach/pool is a must. However, you can’t risk getting your tech products wet and dying on you. Accidents happen, especially when you’re having fun. Avoid this situation by getting a water-resistant IPX4 product this summer season to enjoy risk-free music all summer long.

What is IPX4? An IP rating determines how resistant something is to environmental elements, and IPX4 means your product is protected from splashing water, no matter the direction. Also, IPX4 devices are considered not only splash-proof but also sweatproof, which means they will survive contact with human sweat and still be able to work properly. To learn more read our IPX4 blog.

Our tech products, especially our headphones and earbuds, are constantly exposed to a number of undesirable environmental elements, such as moisture and debris. Summer is a time of sweat, sand, and salt, among other things. From the humidity and the saltwater, to the perspiration and the chlorine, it’s important that we have products that are able to resist such environmental factors for a maximized listening experience.

You can’t go wrong when purchasing a pair of IPX4-rated earbuds or headphones. With products such as TWIG, TWIG PRO, and BonoBuds, Phiaton is setting the bar for sweat- and water-resistant protection without sacrificing sound or aesthetics.

In a sleek aluminum grey color, TWIG earbuds have a smooth aluminium body with a wireless charging case, and EQ Application. For ultimate comfort, the earbuds come with silicone tips designed for all ear sizes to mold perfectly to your ear. These wireless earbuds blend modern design, quality materials, and a premium sound that is powered by 12mm double layer drivers for distortion-free sound reproduction. TWIG earbuds offer convenient wireless charging, with only 10 minutes of charge gives one hour of playback time. Listeners receive a well-balanced sound quality thanks to the finely tuned drivers and dual microphones, which produce crystal clear sounds. The IPX4 sweat-and-water-resistant design keeps your earbuds protected during workouts and light rain, making for the perfect summer earbuds.

The TWIG PRO earbuds share many of the same features as the regular TWIG earbuds in that they also provide a sleek aluminum grey color as well as aluminum body, wireless charging case, IPX4 design, and EQ Application. But the PRO’s also feature hybrid active noise cancellation and an ergonomic half in-ear design. The half in-ear design ensures comfort and stability, while the silicone ear tips enhance sound insulation and provide a snug fit without causing discomfort for all ear sizes. The PRO’s also provide convenient wireless charging, with 6 hour playback time with only 10 quick minutes of charging. Four microphones for digital hybrid ANC technology block up to 98% ambient noise, while dual cVc mics can be used for crystal clear calls, zooms, and more. The elegant design provides a pair of earbuds both rich in aesthetics and durability. The IPX4 design ensures you can enjoy your music all summer long despite the possibility of a few splashes.

Last but not least, Phiaton’s BonoBuds are “true sounding earbuds built for entertainment, work, travel and everything in between.” With the option of colors of midnight blue, floral white, or space black, listeners are sure to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing design of these earbuds as well as premium sound, as a result of their custom-made 12mm dynamic drivers that deliver a distortion-free true sound experience. BonoBuds provide a quick charge and 20 hours of battery life for all day use. They have 4 microphones for a crystal clear sound experience as well as intuitive touch controls for ease of use. BonoBuds feature an ambient mode, where you can filter out outside noises while still remaining alert, and the best ANC experience, provided by 3 sizes of flexible ear tips that are ergonomically designed to fit snugly into the ear. The IPX4 design makes the earbuds both sweat-and-water-resistant, keeping your earbuds protected from sweat, sand, and salt in the summer heat, no matter what lifestyle activities you may engage in this summer.

Whichever your preference, these 3 IPX4 Phiaton and ODDICT products are sure to provide ultimate water-resistant protection to tame body perspiration and keep wet elements from destroying your musical vibe. So when the kid does a cannonball right next to you in the pool, you don’t have to worry about your earbuds dying on you. Up your game in outdoor tech products with one of these premium sound wireless earbuds and have the best splash-free musical summer of your life.

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