Top Wireless Headsets For The Office

Looking For the Best Wireless Headset for Your Office?  Here Are Some Top Pick

One of the best inventions for office workers is the cordless headset. If you have a job which requires you to be on the phone much of the day, having one of the best cordless headsets on the market will make your job so much easier.

Business people today are much busier than they used to be; there is just so much to be done in one day. When your phone conversation doesn’t require a 100% listening ear, it is nice to be able to do something else at the same time such as filing, making copies, opening and distributing the mail, or sending an email or fax. Multi-tasking is all too common nowadays, and best quality wireless headsets will allow you to be more efficient.

Even if you can’t multi-task while on the phone, it’s nice to be able to sit comfortably, as opposed to wrenching your neck over to one side for long periods of time. Or, you may even like to get up, stretch, and move your legs a bit to get your circulation flowing. With an old-fashioned phone cord, this really wasn’t possible. Sure, you could stand up and take a few steps, but ultimately you would be walking around in circles. Even then, your neck still suffers.

With a cordless headset and best quality Bluetooth headsets for the office, you are able to move around freely, whether you want to do so for better body function and movement or so you can multi-task.

Here are some of the best cordless headsets available:

Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7220 Office Wireless Headset Stereo1.  Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7220 Office Wireless Headset Stereo

This headset is worn over the head and has two ear pieces so you can listen without a lot of interruption from outside noises. Like most Plantronics headsets, this wireless headset for your desk phone gives you up to 400 feet with which to roam, allowing you to walk, talk, and work all at once. This is the replacement for the CS520, one of the best wireless headsets that for those whose day requires multi-tasking.

Another great feature of this, one of the best quality wired headsets for your money, is that the battery lasts an incredible amount of time – up to twelve hours of talking and listening time and up to fifty hours of standby time. It is also extremely lightweight for your comfort and protects against sound levels which can do damage to your ears.

 cs5402. Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset, Convertible (C054, CO54)

This Plantronics CS540 wireless headset for your desk phone has been designed to ensure comfort for all day use. Some people can get away with wearing headsets only when they absolutely need to – when a call comes through or when they walk away from the phone. And, if this is all the need you have for a headset, be assured – it’s enough of a reason to invest in this product. A headset will save you time and will help you work in an ergonomic fashion. For others, though, a headset has to be worn all day long. This can pose a discomfort problem. But, Plantronics has thought of this and created this wonderful headset which is ergonomically designed so it balances perfectly on your head for all day comfort. If you’ve ever worn a headset for a long period of time, you know that your ear can start to ache. With this headset, though, the speaker pad never presses against your ear. This is one of the best cordless headsets because it offers total comfort for all day wear.

Jabra Pro 920

 3. Jabra Pro 920 Mono Wireless Headset System

Talk about an affordable wireless headset for your office! This Jabra Pro 920 wireless headset is one of the best cordless headsets for all day wear, not to mention one of the most affordable at only $289.95 – currently on sale at the time of this writing. It comes in two different wearing styles, so you can choose which ever one you like after the purchase.  This headset plugs directly into your phone’s handset jack so you don’t need any extra cords or amplifier.  It comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.  If it fails within one year, Jabra will send you another one at no charge.

If you’re looking for a wireless headset for your desk phone that gives you all day comfort, the Jabra Pro 920 is a great option and completely affordable for most offices.

4. Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset System

Jabra offers the Engage 65 headset as an awesome option for users looking for extra security while using a wireless headset, thanks to its advanced chipset which brings DECT Security step C, which is also known as military grade security making it impossible tojabra engage 65 stereo wireless headset system view be hacked compared with other brands or models without this advanced chipset. Thanks to this it allows a further range of up to 490 feet on line of sight and offers up to X3 of wireless density, translated means that you can have up to the triple of wireless headset of the same kind in a small office place without interruption among them. The Engage 65 has Jabra’s Advanced Noise-Canceling microphone which is greatly appreciated for loud office places with loud noises around the user. The Engage 65 offers dual connectivity that allows the user to use with a desk phone and with a computer thanks to the included USB cable and offering a talk time of up to 13 hours of talk time in a single charge thanks to its fast charging capability.

5. Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless Headset Binaural Savi 8200 series

This is the newest Plantronics wireless headset in the Savi 8220 wireless headset family. With Active Noise Canceling that blocks the noises in the environment, designed for loud working environments. This headset allows you to use it with your desk phone, plug in to your computer by the USB and synchronize it via Bluetooth with your cell phone or tablet, making it one of the best headsets in the market for UC. The noise canceling microphone has a a mute notification, that lets you know when your headset is in mute during a phone call as a reminder, the Active Noise Canceling can be turn on and off at will from the same headset, volume and answer/end calls intuitive built-in controls make it a really easy to use headset.

6. Poly Savi 7310 Office Wireless Headset Mono, desk phone and PC

Poly enters to the high encryption chipset headsets with the Poly Savi 7310. This unit has the higher encryption of 256 bit AES encryption that is one of the highest rate on a wireless headset, designed for more secure conversations while on use. One headset to be used with a desk phone and a computer as it comes with the proper cables to plug in, and can be sued with virtually any computer as it comes with the USB-A and USB-C cables and fully compatible with PC and Mac OS. Acoustic Fence technology can be found on the bendable microphone boom arm that will block most of the annoying noises of the user’s voice background such as loud fans for example. Certified to be used on any of the UC applications on the market such as RingCentral, 8X8 or BlueJeans to mention a few. Thanks to its easy to find call and volume controls makes it easy to answer/end a call, adjust the volume and mute the microphone from the headset. Offering up to 50 hours of standby time in a single charge, for those times when someone forgets to plug their headset to the cradle at the end of the shift.

7. Poly Voyager 5200 MS Office Bluetooth Headset 2-Way Base

Poly offers the replacement of the veteran CS530 in the shape of the new Voyager 5200 Office. The new improvements include the change from wireless DECT to Bluetooth Class 1 connectivity, offering a similar range as before with up to 300 feet on line of sight. Another improvement includes the redesign of the headset with a more discrete and lighter unit than the previous generation and offering now multi connectivity that translate in being able to be used with your desk phone, the computer and with a Bluetooth enable device! For the same reason of being Bluetooth, the user can take the headset out of the office and keep using it with the smart phone or tablet for example. When working out of the office the headset can be charged with the included charging cable, making it easy to use at any place. WindSmart technology can be found in the microphone boom arm which blocks most of the unwanted noises created by common actions happening down the road like walking or wind noises. Fully compatible with all UC platforms and applications with easy to use volume controls built in the headset.

8. Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Wireless Headset System

Jabra offers its Engage 75 as their top of the chain on a wireless headset for office use. Thanks to its light, discrete and compact size the Engage 75 can be worn over the head, over the ear or behind the neck thanks to the included accessories! This headset offers multi connectivity, but compared with others, Jabra takes it a step further as it offers a desk phone connectivity, 2 computers thanks to the included USB cables and 2 Bluetooth enable devices, all at the same time! The base of the Engage 75 makes all the magic to happen and its a nice option for users wanting all their devices to use one single wireless headset while on the office. Thanks to its built in Busy lights on the headset and microphone boom arm let the user be noted when engaged in a call. The touchpad screen on the base works as headset configurator with easy to navigate menus and allows the user to know statuses on real time like battery, talk time, date/time and device engaged, plus lets to know when on mute when the user forgets to unmute on the headset while on an active call. Offering up to X3 of wireless density as the sibling 65 allowing to have more of the same wireless headset kind in a smaller space, thanks to its advanced chipset.

9. Poly Savi 7420-M Office Stereo Wireless Headset Microsoft Teams

Poly offers the second generation of its Savi 7000 Office series in the shape of the Savi 7420-M, covering both ears in a stereo sound quality. With a higher encryption chipset with military level 256 bit AES, giving it a further range of up to 590 feet on line of sightpoly savi 7420-m office stereo wireless headset microsoft teams view and 2X of higher density of wireless headsets in a small location for a more secure connection while on use in an active call. The new redesigned base offers now triple connectivity, so can be used with a desk phone, a computer either USB-A or USB-C with included cables and a Bluetooth enable device as the base has this built in capability. Thanks to the new added LED screen and its scroll wheel located in the back allows the user to customize the settings on the headset and thanks to the new and improved selection key7s that illuminate when selecting the device to engage allows the user to easy select the device to use and work as busy lights and as a visual reminder to user if the microphone had been muted. The base is fully compatible with Savi 8400, Savi 8200, Savi 7400, and Savi 7300 Series headsets as well, thanks to its hot pairing process simply put the headset on the cradle and the base will link with the new headset. Acoustic Fence technology can be found in the bendable microphone boom arm that blocks most of the unwanted noises while on a shift in a office environment.

10. Poly Savi 8445-M Office Wireless Headset Convertible, MS Teams

For users wanting a lighter daily use headset to work all day, Poly offers the new Savi 8445-M as replacement of the Savi 8240/8245. The new improvements include a new, improved and grateful redesign of the base that now includes a color LED display with a useful scroll wheel on the back of the base and easier to use light up device selector button. Thanks to this new features, allows the user to customize audio settings from the base and with real time device status as day/time, device engaged and battery lifetime plus talk time. The easy to use and find buttons on the base work as busy lights and as reminder when the user mute the microphone while on a live call on any of the devices engaged. Thanks to the close conversation limiting noise canceling microphone allows the user to have a piece of mind when on a call as it will block unwanted noises such as loud coworkers conversations for example. Easy to be worn as it is a convertible with an over the head, over the ear or behind the neck included accessories. Unlimited talk time headset and for the same reason comes with an additional battery and charger, allowing to swap batteries in the middle of a call without dropping calls or hanging up.

11. Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office USB-A Bluetooth Headset, MS Teams

Poly offers the Voyager Focus 2 Office as a Bluetooth Class 1 wireless headset, compatible with desk phone, a computer thanks to the included USB cable and Bluetooth enable device such as smart phone for example. Thanks to its connectivity, allows the user topoly voyager focus 2 office usb-a bluetooth headset, ms teams view take the headset out of the office and keep using it with a smart phone or a tablet for example. New and improved Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling is found now with different levels of graduation which is appreciated when not so much loud noises around the user at one time and after an hour or so it gets increased. Thanks to its innovative and discrete microphone boom arm with Acoustic Fence technology, it can be worn on either side and allows to mute by bring the boom arm up or down. Thanks to its smart sensors, the user can mute, pause, resume or answer a call by simply putting the headset on or off. Voice over USB is found on the headset that allows to be used as a corded headset when the base is not close by or if need to charge the headset while on a call/use at the office.

These are just a few of the best quality wireless headsets out there. A Bluetooth headset with the best sound quality for your desk phone will give you freedom of motion and make you feel like you’re accomplishing so much more during your day – because you are! We are living in the age of amazing technology and no longer need to be tied to our desks. If your day requires multiple phone calls, one of the best investments you can make in your business and for yourself is a cordless headset.

When you’re looking for the best wireless headset for customer service, the sky is the limit. There are multitudes of options and every price imaginable. With a little research, you will definitely be able to find the best cordless headset for your particular needs. Don’t wait a moment longer. You will be so glad you invested in one of these Bluetooth headsets for your desk phone. In fact, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to make this investment.

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