Ukrainian Troops Storm a Russian Trench and Capture 2 POWs

  • A helmet-cam video shows Ukrainian troops storming a Russian trench.
  • Soliders of the 108th Mountain Assault Battalion used grenades and machine guns capturing 2 POWs.
  • The video captures the intimacy of World War I-style trench warfare in Ukraine.

A dramatic video shows the moment Ukrainian soliders stormed a Russian trench and captured two troops.

The video, filmed by a camera attached to a soldier’s helmet and posted by the 108th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion on Telegram on Tuesday, shows a group of Ukrainian soldiers walking through a barren landscape with their weapons drawn.


One of the soldiers appears to drop a grenade into the Russian trench, causing plumes of black smoke to billow out.

The Ukrainian troops fired several shots toward the trench as the Russian defenders attempted to return fire.

The soldier filming the video throws another grenade into the trench.

The video cuts to the Ukrainian troops surrounding the trench as two Russian soldiers crawl out and surrender to them.

It is not clear where in Ukraine the video was filmed.

Along with the video, the battalion wrote: “We present to your attention a video of the assault, filmed by a camera mounted on the helmet of one of our heroic soldiers, during which several racists were destroyed, and two chums were captured.”

“Raschist” or “ruscist” is a derogatory term used by Ukrainians that translates roughly to “Russian fascism.”

The fighting around the eastern Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, in particular, has seen a return to trench warfare reminiscent of World War I.

The helmet-cam video demonstrates how intimate frontline fighting can be in Ukraine, with troops from both sides coming in close contact.

Reports have emerged of troops in Bakhmut engaging in hand-to-hand combat, including fistfights and using shovels as weapons.

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