Universal’s New Mario Kart Ride Is Being Panned for Size Restrictions

  • Early reviews have praised Universal’s Super Nintendo World for bringing the Mario Bros. to life.
  • Size restrictions for the park’s flagship ride have spurred backlash among critics.
  • Super Mario World is set to open in Florida February 17. 

Universal’s Super Nintendo World in Florida, set to open later this month, has received rave reviews for bringing a vibrant video game world into reality.

But its flagship Mario Kart ride has spurred backlash, because its seat-size limits riders to those with a waistline smaller than 40 inches. 

“Nothing but wonderful things to say about Super Nintendo World except this: the body size limitations on the Mario Kart ride are absolutely ridiculous,” Rocco Botte, a prominent gaming influencer, wrote on Twitter. “I’ve never had any issue fitting into any ride in my entire life, and I can BARELY fit into this one. Completely absurd.” 

The virtual reality ride takes park-goers through a race course using a slow-moving kart attached to a rail. A safety handbook released by Universal advises that the ride is not suited for riders whose waistlines are larger than 40 inches. 

Four other rides at the park have similar restrictions, prompting discussion online over limited accessibility at theme parks. 

“Man, Universal Studios’ Mario Kart ride is a bummer for those of us who don’t fit the size requirements!” one user wrote on Twitter. 


Others took to humor, as well as hostility over the ride’s accessibility. 

“How does the Mario Kart ride at Universal have a size limit when it’s inspired by the game that has Wario, Bowser, DK, and Peach in her wide diameter dress driving the karts no problem?” one user wrote. 


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