Walmart Skips Super Bowl LVII Ad but Still Gets Tons of Free Promotion

  • Instead of running a Super Bowl commercial, Walmart found a way to play off other companies’ ads.
  • The retailer tweeted out links to items available at Walmart that matched those in the commercials.
  • The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retail giant hasn’t had a Super Bowl advertisement since 2020

Walmart didn’t have a commercial in this year’s Super Bowl.

But that didn’t stop the retail giant from getting some benefit out of those multimillion-dollar advertisements: It simply went on Twitter to tell where they could buy that cool stuff they were seeing during Sunday night’s big game.

Throughout the evening, Walmart tweeted out links to products related to those featured in other companies’ commercials. 

For example, following software company Workday’s commercial, which ribbed companies for using the word “rockstar” to describe standout employees – and featured real rockers like Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and Ozzy Osbourne – Walmart tweeted out a photo collage with the caption “musical colleague” and items like guitars, wigs, and leather pants.

“Be your own corporate jargon,” Walmart said in a follow-up tweet with links to the products.


Walmart found other opportunities to tout its products after commercials from Planters peanuts, Michelob Ultra, and Doritos, among many others. The company used the hashtag #walmartversion to accompany the tweets.

A Walmart spokeswoman told Insider that the company’s goal was “to connect with our customers in a relatable and lighthearted way that was unique to our brand and what they’ve come to expect from us on social media.”

“The ‘Walmart Version’ is a big part of social vernacular,” the company spokesperson said. “Our customers love championing the ‘Walmart Version’ of everything we sell because even the pricier items featured in commercials can be found on our shelves at everyday low prices. “

The last time Walmart featured a Super Bowl ad was in 2020 when the retailer touted its grocery pickup service. That ad featured numerous cameos from movies, including Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Star Wars.

Here are some other Tweets where Walmart advertised its products on Super Bowl Sunday.


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