We Tested If ‘New Bing’ Is Really More Powerful Than ChatGPT

  • Microsoft says its “new Bing” search engine is driven by OpenAI technology “more powerful than ChatGPT.”
  • We put that to the test, posing 20 questions to “new Bing” and ChatGPT to compare their responses.
  • Bing had an edge on questions around general knowledge, budgeting, and planning — but ChatGPT was better at quick summaries.

Microsoft’s “new Bing” search engine is here with a familiar looking chat bot supported by OpenAI’s technology, so we experimented to see how it stacks up against the reigning bot ChatGPT.

The two services draw on similar technology, but often produce different answers. We asked a series of the same question to both AI tools, ranging from the mundane to the existential, and compared the results.

Scroll on to see how they fared against each other:

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