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Bluetooth headphones are great. They’re nearly wire-free, they are lightweight, and offer the utmost portability. What’s more, some offer a neat offering in the form of retractable earbuds, which have a comfortable band that rests around your neck. The individual earbuds are very small and retract into the band when not in use. This allows you to draw out the exact amount of cable needed to keep it out of your way and stay tangle-free when not in use. Since the body of the neckband is larger than headphones, that is how it is able to build in the feature, as well as a host of other niceties like sound quality and performance.  

Phiaton’s BT 150 NC’s allows for the perfect individual cord length and tangle-free storage, while supporting four different sets of ear tips and stoppers that hold the tips in place. Perhaps best of all, the BT 150 NC’s design allows you to quickly remove and replace your earphones, which you’ll appreciate if you must cross a busy street or if you just happen to run into chatty neighbors when you’re out for a run. The BT 150 NC requires nothing more than a gentle tug when you’re ready to stow your earphones away. And they’re right there waiting for you around your neck when you’re ready to commence listening again.

To top it off, BT 150 NC’s power saving sensor automatically powers off the active noise cancelling when the earbuds are retracted to help prolong battery life and features intuitive swiping controls, which are much easier to manage than tapping on an earbud. A favorite feature is also its active notifications. If your buds are retracted and a phone call comes in, the neckband will vibrate, alerting you. Just pull out an earbud and put it in to answer the call, worry-free.

Headphones should be not only about audio quality, but convenience. Retractable earbuds on a neckband are comfortable, easy to use, add additional features, and always keep your headphones in reach. Don’t pull them out and worry about where to put them, just keep them conveniently around your neck.

Get the best of everything with advanced features, sleek design, easy controls, wired or free-use, and much more by trying out a set of retractable headphones and shed the normal pesky compromises.

By Andrew O’Hara

Aug 6, 2020

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