Woman Says Neighbor Signed Over Deeds of $365K Home for $10

  • A woman has accused her neighbor for trying to steal her $350,000 home in Long Island.
  • Rosemarie Mika, 78, was shocked the county clerk notified her that she no longer owned her home.
  • Aurelia Soogea has been charged with grand larceny, reported News 12 Long Isand.

A Long Island woman has accused her neighbor of stealing her home in Long Island, but she claims it was a gift, NBC News reported. 

Rosemarie Mika, 78, has said she received a letter out of the blue from Nassau County Clerk announcing that she no longer owned her $350,000 home. 

Mika quickly involved the police and a legal team. Prosecutors allege that her neighbor, Aurelia Soogea, 35, forged the signatures on the deeds to the house to switch ownership. Soogea has been charged with grand larceny, reported News 12 Long Isand.

NBC reports that the deed to the house shows the transfer of ownership happened for just $10. 

Soogea’s defense attorney Lawrence Carra has said “We are vehemently contesting it, we’ve entered a plea of not guilty,” per NBC. 

Carra has said that Mika transferred the home ownership to his client in thanks for work Soogea did helping to care for the older woman. 

“I believe there is conflicting evidence we will show that Soogea did not forge the deed,” he said, according to NBC. 

The news site reports that Mika’s legal team says this is not true, and the two women had no relationship. 

However, Carra said that there were also recorded conversations confirming that Soogea is telling the truth abut the house transfer.

Mikka’s lawyers called it a fabrication, according to NBC.

The case will continue in court on April 13. There is also an ongoing civil case over who owns the home, said Carra, per NBC.

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