Yoonede exhibition features at 3 Days of Design

Chair-shaped sculptures and a doughnut-shaped paper lantern were among objects displayed inside a Copenhagen apartment during 3 Days of Design.

Yoonede – derived from the word “unity” – was a group exhibition featuring the work of 20 artists, designers and brands.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Yoonede took place in an apartment on Gammel Mønt

The idea behind the show was to promote collaboration, with everyone’s work displayed together. Some designers also teamed up with other participants on their exhibits.

Objects were displayed in the rooms and courtyard of an apartment on Gammel Mønt, a street in the heart of the Danish capital.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Works included a chair-like sculpture by Maria Brunn and Anne Dorthe Vesyter

Line Øhlenschlæger, one of the three founders of Yoonede, told Dezeen: “The only stipulation we made to the artists, designers and brands involved was that they should be willing to combine with others who may or may not be on the same level.”

“Normally when you do a group exhibition, you have one designer in one corner and one designer in another corner, but the idea here was to lift everyone together,” she said.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Tables by Line Øhlenschlæger displayed objects by other participating designers

Øhlenschlæger, who works as an art director, put together the exhibition in partnership with product designer Sofie Østerby and interior architect Maaria Repo.

The trio, who are former colleagues, had long wanted to work together on an exhibition and decided to invite other creatives that they admired to join.

They only expected a few of them to say yes, so were shocked to see the list reach 20 participants.

Øhlenschlæger’s contribution to the exhibition is a series of circular tables, supported by three-pronged volumes made from either steel or aluminium.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Anne Brandhøj and Signe Fensholt created totems that combine skills in wood and ceramic

Østerby created a sculptural coffee table using wenge, an African hardwood, while Repo exhibited a bowl with a distinctive streaky glaze finish.

MBADV – an ongoing collaboration between designers Maria Brunn and Anne Dorthe Vesyter – was behind the chair-shaped sculptures, one made from oak and the other from stone.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Atelier Madirazza presented a grand marble-framed mirror

The paper lantern, by lighting designer Laura Fiig, was suspended above a bench made by Studio Oro using both epoxy resin and travertine.

Designers Anne Brandhøj and Signe Fensholt combined skills in wood and ceramic to create a series of totem-like sculptures, while Atelier Madirazza presented a grand marble-framed mirror.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
A woven textile by Bettina Nelson hung from the wall

Cabinet-maker Antrei Hartikainen contributed a slender, curved shelving unit as well as mouth-blown glass vases.

Other key pieces included a minimal chandelier by Kasper Kjeldgaard and a woven textile by Bettina Nelson.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Sofie Østerby created a sculptural coffee table using an African hardwood

Brands on show included Kusiner, which presented wool carpets, and Danish audio brand Iril, which showed its minimal speakers.

The exhibition continued outside, where terracotta plant pots by heritage brand Bergs Potter sat alongside sculptures by artist Josefine Winding.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
Objects by Bergs Potter and Josefine Winding were shown in the courtyard

The founders plan to run Yoonede as an exhibition platform, so that it can continue beyond this 3 Days of Design debut.

“The exhibition is built around the wish of bringing creatives together, learning from each other’s differences and sharing a passion for design, art, and objects,” said Østerby.

Yoonede at 3 Days of Design
The name, Yoonede, is derived from the word “unity”

“We’re showcasing inspiring individualism while letting a strong and curated cohesiveness stand out,” added Repo.

The photography is courtesy of Yoonede.

Yoonede was on show from 7 to 9 June 2023 as part of 3 Days of Design. See Dezeen Events Guide for information, plus a list of other architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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